NETZSCH acquires TAURUS® Instruments AG

January 2020

We are pleased to announce the merger of TAURUS® Instruments AG, Weimar, Germany with NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing, Selb, Germany.

The merger of TAURUS® Instruments AG, now NETZSCH TAURUS Instruments GmbH in Weimar, Germany, with the NETZSCH business unit Analyzing and Testing is the result of a long-standing business contact of the two companies.

In the field of thermal conductivity, both companies served the same market, but with different devices and specifications. With the additional fire testing, NETZSCH can now enter a completely new market.

In the area of thermal conductivity, we can now offer three additional devices with guarded hot plates (GHP). The Pipe Testers with a protected heating pipe for measuring pipe insulation are an essential component our product portfolio. With hotbox systems, the measurement of the U-value of large and complex building parts (windows, doors, facades, etc.) is possible.

The equipment for fire testing includes the entire spectrum required for the establishment of a Eurolab for the legally prescribed testing of plastics, building materials, textiles, etc. in accordance with European standards. Fire tests can also be carried out in accordance with comparable standards worldwide. In the automotive, building materials, cable and plastics manufacturing sectors, there has been a strong worldwide growth in demand for fire tests in recent years due to stricter safety regulations.

The experience and technology from Weimar paired with NETZSCH’s worldwide distribution network is the perfect combination for taking a leading role in this market in the future.

With NETZSCH TAURUS Instruments GmbH, we will continue to supply our customers with our products from Weimar. Furthermore, we are fully committed to fulfilling all existing contracts with users of the TAURUS® product portfolio, including service, applications, existing contract offerings and spare parts availability.

About NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing

The NETZSCH Group is a mid-sized, family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches. When it comes to Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry and the determination of Thermophysical Properties, NETZSCH has it covered. Our 50 years of applications experience, broad state-of-the-art product line and comprehensive service offerings ensure that our solutions will not only meet your every requirement but also exceed your every expectation.

About TAURUS® Instruments AG

TAURUS® Instruments AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physical measuring systems for industrial and research applications worldwide. TAURUS® develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art thermal conductivity measuring devices, hotbox test stations and fire testing systems for materials testing and quality control.

Comments on the merger:

“We are very pleased about this practically natural expansion of our product portfolio. Now we are able to offer our customers many more solutions for materials testing from a single source. I warmly welcome our new colleagues in Weimar and wish them – and all of us – a successful future.”

– Dr. Thomas Denner, Head of Business Unit Analyzing & Testing

“The acquisition of TAURUS® Instruments AG is the result of a long-standing business relationship between the two companies. NETZSCH has a worldwide sales and service structure from which our TAURUS® customers benefit. Now, not only can the entire comprehensive product range be offered to our customers worldwide, but so can customer-optimized solutions.”

– Dr. Jürgen Blumm, Managing Director of Netzsch-Gerätebau GmbH

“I am looking forward to the exciting challenge of continuing to supply the world, from Weimar, with products for thermal conductivity and fire testing.”

– Dr. André Lindemann, Managing Director NETZSCH TAURUS Instruments GmbH

“I am very convinced that, in NETZSCH, I have found the right partner for the continued development of my ‘baby’. I would like to thank all customers, partners and suppliers for the decades of pleasurable and gainful collaboration.”

– Stephan Heise, executive consultant and former founder and CEO of TAURUS® Instruments AG

TAURUS® focuses on sustainability and repeatedly receives the environmental quality seal from the EU

November 2019

TAURUS® Instruments AG has already been registered in the EMAS register since the 24th of October 2013. EMAS is the international quality seal for environmental management. Companies that meet the strict requirements of EMAS focus on sustainability, environmental protection and resource conservation.

In the annual EMAS environmental statement, companies report on the implementation of their defined goals. The declaration is publicly available and contains environmentally relevant information regarding resource and energy consumption, emissions and waste management within the company. The verification of the declaration as well as the control of the practical implementation are carried out by state-supervised, independent environmental auditors.

TAURUS® has also set itself the goal of continuously developing and producing devices and systems that contribute significantly to energy savings and thus to environmental protection. Already during the development and production stages, we focus on environmentally friendly processes and therefore are able to set an example for our partners, suppliers and competitors.

This approach has allowed us to reduce our total energy consumption by more than 60 % in the last few years. In the future, we want to act even more economically and environmentally friendly. Our aim is to increase our efficiency and ensure the sustainability in the long term by improving our energy and material efficiency systematically. Credibility, transparency and the active involvement of our employees in environmental protection are our vision. After all, experiencing sustainability means living environmental protection.

CrefoZert confirms again excellent credit standing of TAURUS® Instruments AG in Weimar

November 2019

As in the previous year, TAURUS® Instruments AG has once again received the credit standing certificate CrefoZert. This certificate repeatedly confirms the company’s exceptionally good creditworthiness and compliance with all certification criteria.

The company received the CrefoZert for the first time in 2017. The credit standing certificate is validated by the Creditreform Erfurt Hain GmbH & Co. KG. Currently, only 2.0 % of German companies are awarded the CrefoZert. The test procedure demands high qualitative and quantitative requirements. Within the test procedure the creditworthiness index as well as the annual financial statements are thoroughly reviewed. The tested company must also complete a qualification form in which the current situation and future prospects are requested.

For TAURUS® Instruments AG, creditworthiness while dealing with customers, suppliers, partners and distributors worldwide is decisive and forms a seal of trust. For us, solidity is the basis for security and reliability in the business process.

TAURUS® is now recruiting

June 2019

TAURUS® Instruments AG, located in Weimar / Thuringia, is one ofthe global market leaders in the field of physical and optical measurement and analysis systems for industry and research.Our team of 24 employees has been developing and producing devices, systems, complex test benches and software for optical particle analysis, measuring thermal properties and determining the fire behavior of materials and components for 28 years.Our products are sold and distributed through an international network of partners and distributors.In addition, the company provides services that include installation, training, maintenance, repair, and support.In order to meet our growth targets, we are constantly looking for qualified and motivated employees to expand our team. In our company you will find interesting, varied tasks with professional and personal development opportunities in a pleasant working environment with flat hierarchies.

At the earliest date possible we are looking for

  • a Head of optical particle measurment (female/male)
  • an Electronics engineer (female/male)
  • an Industry mechanics (female/male)
  • a Precision mechanics (female/male)
  • a Mechatronics technician (female/male)

Did we spark your interest?

For more information, visit Jobs 

TAURUS® is now a registered trademark

April 2019


Since the 02.04.2019 “TAURUS” is a registered trademark of TAURUS Instruments AG. The registration in the European Union was registered under registration number 015611882 for classes 9 and 42 – measuring and analyzing devices and related services.

TAURUS receives EFRE funding for the development of a new measuring device

April 2019


The new TAURUS R & D project aims to develop, test and evaluate an innovative measuring instrument for determining the thermal conductivity or thermal resistance of construction products (brick, concrete, lightweight concrete, clay, limestone, etc.).
The project, which was funded by the Free State of Thuringia, was co-financed by European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).

Meet TAURUS at the largest exhibition for laboratory equipment in Belgium – Laborama

March 2019

Laborama 2019

Following on from the successful participation in the trade fair for laboratory technology in 2018, our dedicated partner Macben will once again be exhibiting at the Laborama fair in Brussels this year. Among other things, the TCA 300 basic thermal conductivity measuring device for determining the thermal conductivity of insulating materials and building materials as well as the oxygen index analyzer LOI for determining the burning behavior of plastics through the oxygen index at ambient temperature can be marvelled as representing the entire product portfolio of TAURUS Instruments AG. Our test systems are used in laboratories of materials testing and research institutes or also directly by manufacturers as part of research to increase energy efficiency and regarding preventive fire testing.

Are you also a manufacturer and would like to check your materials in the future in your own laboratory or would you like to bring the technology in your testing facility up to date? Contact us, we will advise you.

Macben will be supported at the Laborama Expo 2019 by specialist staff from TAURUS Instruments AG on site. We look forward to meeting you from 14.-15. March 2019 at the Macben booth.

Lambda, U-value and DIN EN 13501-1 – What is it? Youth development at TAURUS

October 2018

As part of a 2-week student internship from 17th to 28th of September, an ambitious ninth grader had the chance to take a look behind the scenes at TAURUS Instruments AG. He was not only theoretically involved in the development and manufacture of Thermal Conductivity Measuring Devices, Fire Testing Systems and Hotbox Test Chambers, but was also able to provide practical assistance in our production hall and actively support our team.
He was particularly fascinated by the extensive activity of our technical purchasing, whose structured and well-organized work makes a decisive contribution to how our projects succeed. However, in the production our trainee also learned that drilling is not just about drilling and that it also poses a complex process due to the pre- and post-work to be done. He said he felt comfortable with every task assigned to him, as he received helpful advice and tips from each and every employee.
In addition, our trainee praised the family atmosphere at TAURUS and we are very proud of this. We wish him all the very best for the future and success in his further career.

Strong distribution partner for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

August 2018


TAURUS Instruments AG is very pleased to welcome a new, strong distribution partner for the Scandinavian countries. From now on, the company will be represented with the entire product range by the Swedish company Elastocon AB from Brämhult. They will be the representative contact for our Thermal Conductivity Measuring Devices, Hotbox Test Chambers as well as for our Fire Testing Systems in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The trust of TAURUS in the new partner is based on his sales experience of more than 30 years and the commonality of manufacturing precise measuring devices that deliver accurate results. Elastocon was founded in 1987 by Göran Spetz and since then has been developing, producing and selling equipment for various tests on rubber and plastic materials. In addition, Elastocon has its own laboratory in which they are also offering material testing to their clients as a service. We look forward to a lively and successful cooperation with the Elastocon team and its customers.

One year, four trade fairs, four countries

June 2018
IEX Köln 2018

The LABORAMA Expo in Brussels – a trade fair for laboratory personnel, analytical equipment and accessories, laboratory equipment and software – was a successful start on 15th and 16th of March 2018. With the support of our specialist staff on site, our partner Macben from Belgium was able to acquire promising contacts.

The subsequent TURKEYBUILT fair in Istanbul, where TAURUS Instruments AG was represented from 8th to 12th of May 2018 by our strong partner IMASAN from Turkey, was also a great success. As the biggest construction fair in the region for the Balkan, Russian and CIS States, the Middle East and North Africa, the IMASAN staff and our experts had the opportunity to make many interesting new customer contacts, which will now be further supported and expanded by IMASAN and TAURUS in cooperation. Especially in the field of fire testing, Turkey offers an attractive market for future business relationships.

From 16th to 17th of May 2018, TARUS Instruments AG exhibited at the IEX – Insulation Expo Europe itself. The leading trade fair for industrial insulation and insulation technology is of particular interest to TAURUS with regard to the field of thermal conductivity measurement, but at the same time the area of fire testing is becoming increasingly important in this sector. Despite a manageable number of visitors, our specialist staff succeeded in laying the foundation for one or the other promising project at IEX as well as deepening existing business relationships and cooperation.

Afterwards one of the most important trade fairs of the plastics and rubber industry took place in Milan from May 29th to June 1st. Represented by our distributor DGTS from Italy as well as by our specialized staff, the PLAST formed a successful conclusion of our trade fair marathon this year. Since TAURUS manufactures special devices for the determination of the burning behavior and the risk to fire of plastics in the field of fire testing, the interest of visitors at the trade fair was primarily to our LOI – the Oxygen Index Analyzer. In this context, our extremely ambitious partner DGTS was able to make some new contacts for potential customers.

Finally, we would like to thank our partners, who have successfully and committedly represented our company at three of these fairs, and we look forward to such good, long-term cooperation.