Fire testing prevents firefighting!

December 3, 2018 12:00 pm


The windows are decorated, the tea lights are spread in the house and some people even already set up their Christmas tree – the Advent season is dawning. What a nice time, full of sweet smells, festive music and lights. As blessed as this time is, many dangers lurk in our homes.
Around 190.000 fires are sparking in Germany every year. About 400 people die, according to the statistics of the German Fire Service Association. With strict fire protection regulations and the obligation to install smoke detectors, the state contributes its share to protecting people. Everything else is up to the residents, builders and modernizers.
Here it becomes clear how important and indispensable the preventive fire protection is – a serious issue that concerns us all. As a result of numerous incidents relating to fires, the topic is increasingly becoming the focus of society. Not least for this reason, our customers appreciate the quality of our test equipment, which serves preventive fire protection and security in our homes.
We have made it our mission to make the safety and fire resistance verification of the materials you use reliable for manufacturers and research institutes. The fire testing systems that we produce today can save lives tomorrow – because fire testing prevents firefighting.
In this sense, TAURUS Instruments AG wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Picture Source:; 30.11.2018