TAURUS® focuses on sustainability and repeatedly receives the environmental quality seal from the EU

November 2019

TAURUS® Instruments AG has already been registered in the EMAS register since the 24th of October 2013. EMAS is the international quality seal for environmental management. Companies that meet the strict requirements of EMAS focus on sustainability, environmental protection and resource conservation.

In the annual EMAS environmental statement, companies report on the implementation of their defined goals. The declaration is publicly available and contains environmentally relevant information regarding resource and energy consumption, emissions and waste management within the company. The verification of the declaration as well as the control of the practical implementation are carried out by state-supervised, independent environmental auditors.

TAURUS® has also set itself the goal of continuously developing and producing devices and systems that contribute significantly to energy savings and thus to environmental protection. Already during the development and production stages, we focus on environmentally friendly processes and therefore are able to set an example for our partners, suppliers and competitors.

This approach has allowed us to reduce our total energy consumption by more than 60 % in the last few years. In the future, we want to act even more economically and environmentally friendly. Our aim is to increase our efficiency and ensure the sustainability in the long term by improving our energy and material efficiency systematically. Credibility, transparency and the active involvement of our employees in environmental protection are our vision. After all, experiencing sustainability means living environmental protection.