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LOI – Oxygen Index Analyzer

Testing system for the determination of the burning behavior of plastics by oxygen index at ambient temperature according to ISO 4589-2, DIN 22117 and ASTM D 2863


Compact and lightweight, the device features a high resolution touch display for intuitive user guidance. The fully automatic calibration and testing functions make operation of the device easy.

All relevant data such as temperature, flow rate and time are displayed during the test. Due to the high onboard storage capacity of the integrated Single Board Computer (SBC) the data can be stored directly in the device or transferred via USB drive and network for further processing.

Except for the test gases (O2 / N2), all necessary accessories for performing standard tests are included with the device.


  • Sample holders for rod-shaped and flat samples
  • Propane igniter
  • Easily replaceable borosilicate glass column
  • Single board computer with Windows 10 operating system
  • Single license for software LOI 2016