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SBI – Single Burning Item

Fire Testing System for determining the reaction to fire of building products when exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item according to EN 13823 for classification into the classes A2, B, C and D

SBI Messschrank

Measuring and Control Unit SBI

The innovative control and data acquisition of the SBI from TAURUS Instruments features an intuitive user guidance for easy operation. The measuring and control cabinet “SBI Control“ with integrated Single Board Computer, operating system Windows 10 and the SBI 2016 software is operated via high resolution color touch display. Manual controls such as switches, controllers and buttons are no longer needed and the condition of the testing system is clearly displayed while critical operating errors are prevented by the system. With the control unit the complete test data is stored, analyzed and recorded.

Well thought out details, combined with the use of high quality materials guarantee a long product life and a low degree of wear and tear of the SBI test system.


  • Base frame with calcium silicate lining
  • Insulated extraction hood and collector from stainless steel for protection from aggressive gasses
  • Insulated measuring tube section with bidirectional probe, NiCrNi-thermocouples, light measurement system and gas sampling probe
  • Main and auxiliary burner of stainless steel with filling, ignition device and flame detector
  • Specimen trolley with calcium silicate lining
  • Test chamber, drywall installation with 2 windows, door, security ladder and railing (accessible)
  • Gas installation with digital gas flow controller, pressure regulators and magnet valves
  • Process fan with frequency converter and digital control module
  • Measuring and control cabinet “SBI Control“ with SBC, 32 GB SSD, Windows 10, 10.1“ color touchscreen, SIEMENS gas analyzer, measuring gas processing, measuring and control modules and
  • RS232 interface
  • 19“ PC rack, PC, monitor, printer
  • Single license for software SBI 2016