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UL94 – Fire Testing System

Test device for assessing fire hazard of electrotechnical products according to UL94 5th edition, ASTM D 635, D 3801, D 4804, D 5048, D 4986, DIN EN 60695 part 11-10, DIN EN 60695 part 11-20, DIN EN 60695 part 11- 3, DIN EN 60695 part 11-4, IEC 707 (partially) and ISO 9773


Well thought out details, combined with the use of high quality materials guarantee a long product life of the UL94, reduce the cleaning and maintenance efforts, increase safety and make daily work at the laboratory a lot easier. Moreover the integrated touch screen facilitates the user guidance.


  • Closed combustion chamber with exhaust fan, black interior walls and mirrors
  • Material: stainless steel, bead blasted
  • Large sliding window with fire-resistant glazing on the front door
  • Adjustable burners with adjustable tilt angle (0 °, 20 °, 45 °)
  • Calibration aid for burner flame
  • Semi-automatic operation: Electrically driven spindle system for positioning the samples and the burner for horizontal and vertical tests including frame and wire mesh
  • Additional manual operation: Two openings with panels on the front for manual access for manual positioning and adjustment of the burner
  • Sample holder for 5 tests
  • Processor-controlled timer
  • Remote control with reset button for time measuremet
  • Metal dipstick
  • Processor-controlled flowmeter, pressure regulator and pressure gauge
  • Processor-controlled calibration for burner flame according to ASTM D 5207
  • Gauges for flame height and samples
  • Base frame with rolls and drawer (optionally)
  • Exhaust piping, Aluminum link hose with draft diverter (optionally)