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TBK – Burning Behavior of Textile Fabrics

Fire testing system for determining the reaction to fire of vertically positioned textile fabrics – flammability and flame spread time according to DIN EN ISO 6941


TBK Housing / Furnace

Well thought out details combined with the use of high quality materials guarantee an extended product life and reduce wear and tear of the TBK system as well as cleaning and maintenance efforts, increase safety and make daily work at the laboratory much easier.


  • Combustion chamber with exhaust hood and stainless steel grid for long maintenance free use
  • Fire resistant glass doors at the front and right side of the device
  • Guide carriage, vertically and horizontally adjustable, steel frame with needles for fixing the sample, spacers and marking thread holders
  • Integrated exhaust fan with adjuster for precise exhaust air speed
  • Shifting mechanism for burner with automatic pullback of the burner and protection against pollution from residue
  • Control module for detection of individual marking threads and pullback of the burner
  • Gas pressure regulator with pressure indicator located at the front of the device for easy operation and control
  • Fine adjustment valve for adjusting the flame located at the front of the device for easy operation and control
  • 2 gauges for vertical flame height, 1 gauge for horizontal flame range, 2 gauges for surface and edge exposure
  • 1 metal template for sample preparation
  • Digital anemometer for controlling exhaust air speed
  • Single license for software TBK 2016