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HBK – Horizontal Burner Box

Fire testing system for determining the reaction to fire of materials used for vehicle interiors when exposed to a single flame source according to ISO 3795, DIN 75200, FMVSS 302, GB 8410, IS 15061, CMVSS 302, U.T.A.C. 18-502, FAR 25.853 (horizontal, aircraft – interiors)



Sample Holder according to ISO 3795

Well thought out details combined with the use of high quality materials guarantee an extended product life and reduce wear and tear of the HBK system as well as cleaning and maintenance efforts, increase safety and make daily work at the laboratory much easier.

In addition, the HBK complies with the following vehicle manufacturers’ works standards:

Brand Work standard
BMW GS 97038
Daimler DBL 5307.10-13
Ford FLTM-BN 24-2
General Motors GM 6090 M
Mazda MES DF 050D
Mitsubishi ES-X60410
Porsche PTL 8501
Renault D45 1333
Volvo STD 5031,1
VW VW TL 1010
Hyundai/KIA MS 300-08


  • Burner box with fireproof glazing at the front, door with Bunsen burner at the side, pressure reducing valve at the rear and top cover with handle (with optional thermometer mount), all parts made from stainless steel for long-term maintenance free use
  • Stainless steel sample holder support
  • Sample holder without support wires, additional sample holders available as options
  • Stainless steel drip tray for collecting droplets / particles
  • Gas main valve located at the side of the device for easy accessibility
  • Gauges for flame height
  • Digital stop watch for time recording according to Standard