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Accessories and options for test chambers with heat flow meter and controlled hotbox to extend their functions and adjust them to individual applications

To adapt the test chambers to be used for measuring various materials such as brickwork, windows, doors, profiles, domes and surface shells additional equipment and consumables are needed. Furthermore, suitable reference materials should be used for regular checks and calibration of the chambers.

Suitable for test chamber type Description
all models Air humidifier / dryer TAP 3440
all models Cold water generator
KWB 3410 for recooling
of the recirculation coolers
TDW 4040 Drying chamber TTS 440 for
sample preparation of brickwork
TDW 4040 Platform scale for sample
preparation of brickwork
all models thermal imaging camera
TDW 4040 transport trolley for
brickwork specimens
all models Individual test frames
depending on sample size
TDW 4140 / 4240 Individual test masks
depending on sample size
all models Reference sample
depending on sample size
TDW 4140 / 4240 Spotlight assembly TKP 3240
For testing the longitudinal warping
of door leaves according to EN 1121