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Software Hotbox

Universal program for control, data logging and analysis for test chambers for determining the stationary heat transfer properties


Supported Testing Methods:

  • Method with heat flow meter according to DIN EN 1934 for brickwork
  • Method with controlled hotbox according to DIN EN ISO 8990, DIN EN 1946-4, DIN EN ISO 12567, DIN EN 12412, ASTM C-1363 for standard windows, profiles, standard doors and surface shells


  • Choice of manual or automatic measuring procedure with up to 16 definable measuring points per measurement
  • Integrated calibration routines
  • Display of all relevant data, measuring results, intermediate and final results as graphs and tables
  • Measuring point function test and monitoring with defined limit values
  • Monitoring of the test chamber with display of relevant messages and automatic shutdown when exceeding critical limits
  • Extensive mathematical functions
  • Freely editable and configurable test report
  • Numerical and graphical report generation according to current standards
  • Security concept with user and administrator Level