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Thermal conductivity measuring devices

“The best energy is the energy that is not needed”
Marcel Huber, environmental minister of the German state of Bavaria 2011-2014

Nachhaltiger Umgang mit Energie

Protecting the environment, preserving our natural resources and conserving energy has become more and more important. The use of insulation and building materials with a low thermal conductivity value substantially contributes to achieving these goals. These materials help prevent the inside temperature of buildings approaching the temperature on the outside, thereby minimizing the loss of energy in buildings. As a result, the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the inside of buildings is reduced considerably.

The thermal conductivity (lambda, λ) is the property of a material to conduct heat and is expressed in W / (m · K) (watts per meter x kelvin). The lower the thermal conductivity of a material the better its insulating properties.

NETZSCH TAURUS Instruments primarily focuses on devices for measuring the thermal conductivity of building, construction and insulating materials.


We offer devices according to the following measuring methods:

The choice of system is determined by the intended application:

Heat Flow Meter Guarded Hot Plate / Pipe
Measuring time short long
Calibration at regular intervals annual function control
Field of application quality and production control Research & Development, reference measurements
Measuring area according to customer requirements within the limits defined by the respective standard and the overall physical restrictions