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Accessories and options for extending the functions of the devices and individual adaptation to different measuring tasks for thermal conductivity measuring devices with heat flow meter, guarded hot plate and guarded hot pipe.

Especially for varying measuring tasks of different materials, such as insulating glass, natural stone, concrete, plastics, composite materials, insulating materials, loose materials like granulates and flakes, auxiliary equipment is needed. In addition, suitable reference materials should be used for the regular check and calibration of the devices.

Suitable for device type Description
GHP / TCA, all  models Test masks for samples
(various dimensions)
GHP / TCA, all  models Measuring frame for loose fill materials
(various dimensions)
GHP/ TCA, all  models Silicone sponge sheet
(various dimensions)
GHP / TCA, all  models Thermal grease
GHP / TCA, all  models Thermocouple foils
With 5 Thermocouples each
(various dimensions)
TCA 300 Reference sample IRMM 440A
(European Commission – Joint Research Centre)
300 x 300 x 35 mm
GHP / TCA 500, 600, 900 IRMM 440B
500 x 500 x 35 mm
GHP / TCA 500, 600, 900 Reference sample BCR 039 – Pyrex Glass
500 x 500 x 20 mm
(European Commission – Joint Research Centre)
GHP / TCA, all models Reference sample
(TAURUS instruments)
(various dimensions)
TLR 1000 Reference pipe insulation
(FIW München)
(various dimensions)