accelerating Rate calorimetry

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC)

The cost‐effective ARC 244 is designed to safely measure the amount and rate of heat release associated with the processing or storage of chemicals within a container volume between 1 ml and 130 ml.

This is the calorimeter which uses the same design as the first ARC system developed by DOW for those customers interested in keeping the same platform.

This information is vital in developing and evaluating processes to ensure safe operation and to prevent thermal runaway which can have devastating effects.

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 244 (ARC 244) technology is integral to designing inherently safer batteries as well as measuring energetic materials used in such products as explosives, propellants, and air bags.

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter ARC 244
ARC 244 Calorimeter Assembly

Major Features and Benefits

  • Tube heater reduces heat losses due to reflux
  • Windows 10™ operating system standard
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lift mechanism for calorimeter top
  • Experimental wizards for easy test set-up
  • Power Compensation Module (optional)
  • Increased safety and interlock features
  • Operation modes:
    Heat-Wait-Search (primary mode of operation)
    ∙ Iso-Fixed technique
    ∙ Iso-Track technique
    ∙ Ramp mode for fast screening of unknown samples
  • With VariPhi
    Heat-Wait-Search, with Phi = 1
    ∙ Constant power
    ∙ Constant heating rate
    ∙ Fire exposure
    ∙ True isothermal mode

Technical Data

Operating Test Cell Temperature Range
RT to 500°C
primary mode of operation
Iso-aging techniques for studying storage conditions/auto-catalytic reactions

Ramp mode for screening unknown samples

Scanning Mode with Power Compensation Module

Isothermal Mode with Power Compensation Module

Test cell materials for spherical vessels with a wall thickness between 0.4 mm and 0.9 mm:
Stainless Steel
(Volume: 1 ml to 130 ml)

Test cell materials for tube-type vessels with a wall thickness of 0.4 mm and 0.9 mm: 
Stainless Steel 
(Volume: 1 ml to 8.5 ml)

Process Saftey
Comparison to legacy data


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