DIL 402 Expedis Select, Supreme & Supreme HT

Dilatometry Redefined. 

The dilatometer DIL 402 Expedis Select and Supreme offer state-of-the-art dilatometer technology and are designed for a wide range of sophisticated applications.

All instruments of the DIL Expedis series feature the revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell; a new dimension in measuring range and accuracy.

It is the first horizontal dilatometer series on the market which allows for force modulation and, by this means, bridges the gap between dilatometry and thermomechanical analysis (TMA) under oscillatory load.

These two versions are specially designed for both research & development and sophisticated industrial applications: The comprehensive, fully-equipped Supreme model and the upgradable Select type.

NanoEye Every Nanometer Counts. 

A New Dimension in Measuring Range and Accuracy

In classical dilatometry, the two parameters measurement range and resolution mostly seem diametrically opposed. If the resolution goes up, the measuring range usually goes down and vice versa. NanoEye, the novel opto-electrical displacement system, features perfect linearity and maximum resolution over a measuring range which was impossible to realize until now.

Funtional Principle

During a test run, if the sample expands, all green components in the graphics move backwards with the help of a linear guide (marked in blue). The optical encoder determines the corresponding length change directly on the appropriate scale.

Key Feature

Maximum Flexibility & High Sample Throughput

The double furnace sliding carrier creates the opportunity to cover the entire temperature range from -180°C to 2000°C or, alternatively, to increase the sample throughput by having the combination between the double furnace design and a dual sample holder used in dual mode. This increases the number of possible measurements tremendously and boosts the instrument’s efficiency.

One or two furnaces, manual or motorized furnace operation, single or dual sample holders, tube type or rod type sample holders ... these are only some of the features the Expedis Select or Supreme provide to match nearly all application scenarios.

Key Feature

Automatic Sample Length Detection & MultiTouch

Measuring the sample length with a caliper runs the risk of result scatter, especially for soft samples. The DIL 402 Expedis is capable of detecting the initial length of a sample automatically prior to the start of a test run under condi-tions identical to those during the measurement itself.

A stable position of the sample inside the sample holder is a deciding factor for successful measurement results. The MultiTouch feature places the sample into the optimum position using a unique, tail-like motion.

In order to conveniently measure various sample lengths, the thermocouple is adjustable. A guiding rod accommodates the thermocouple for moving it into the desired position without bending.

Key Feature

3 Gas Paths & Ready for Evolved Gas Analysis

When using the three mass flow controllers (MFC, optional), the gas flow paths inside the instrument are split: the protective gas first passes through the measuring cell and then enters the sample chamber, whereas the purge gas(es) are directly fed into the sample chamber. All protective and purge gases leave the instrument together via the furnace exhaust.

The vacuum-tight design of the DIL 402 Expedis is ideally suited for connection to a QMS or to an FT-IR via capillary coupling to the SiC furnace. Outgassing of impurities, additives, organic binders and/or decomposition products can thus be studied.

Technical Data

Heating Rates 
0.001 ... 100 K/min
Sample Holder Systems 
Single and Dual/Differential System
Measuring System 

Temperature Range
Select: -180°C … 1600°C
Supreme: -180°C … 2000°C
Supreme HT: (-180°C)* ... RT ... 2800°C 

Temperature Accuracy
1 K

Temperature Precision
0.1 K

Repeatability of m. CTE
10-8 1/K

Measuring Range
± 10000 μm ... ± 25000 μm

0.1 nm ... 1 nm
(over the entire measuring range)

Gas Control
1-way, optional 3-way switch and MFC (Mass Flow Controller)

* DIL 402 Expedis Supreme HT with adapter for standard furnaces


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