Fire Testing 


Fire Testing System

Test Device for Flammability of Plastics for Parts in Devices and Appliances 

in Accordance with UL 94, 5th and 6th Edition, DIN EN 60695 Part 11-10, DIN EN 60695 Part 11-20, DIN EN 60695 Part 11- 3, DIN EN 60695 Part 11-4, ISO 9772 and ISO 9773

Well thought-out details along with the use of high-quality materials guarantee the UL 94 a long product life while reduing the need for cleaning and  maintenance, increasing safety and greatly simplifying day-to-day work at the laboratory.

Features at a Glance

  • Sample holder for rod-shaped and flat samples
  • Semi-automatic calibration
  • Automated measurement process
  • Operator guidance via high-resolution 10" touch screen with brilliant colors and catchy icons for menu functions
  • Accessories for standard tests included (options see separate technical datasheet)
  • Closed combustion chamber with exhaust fan, black interior walls and mirrors
  • Material: stainless steel, bead blasted
  • Large sliding window with fire-resistant glazing on the front door
  • Adjustable burners with adjustable tilt angle (0°, 20°, 45°)
  • Calibration aid for burner flame
  • Semi-automatic operation: Electrically driven spindle system for positioning the samples and the burner for horizontal and vertical tests including frame and wire mesh
  • Additional manual operation: Two openings with panels on the front for manual access allowing manual positioning and adjustment of the burner
  • Sample holder for horizonal and vertical tests
  • Processor-controlled timer
  • Remote control with reset button for time measurement
  • Metal dipstick
  • Processor-controlled flowmeter, pressure regulator and pressure gauge
  • Gauges for flame height and samples
  • Base frame with rolls and drawer (option)
  • Exhaust piping, aluminum link hose with draft diverter (option)


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