Dynamic-Mechanical analyser

DMA 303 Eplexor

Use Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis to gain insights into your material’s mechanical properties

Take Control of the Dynamic-Mechanical Properties of Your Products

The DMA 303 Eplexor is a highly precise and reliable analysis instrument that can handle a wide range of samples and applications. With its user-friendly software and improved ergonomics, it's the ideal device for intensive use in research and quality control laboratories.  

The DMA 303 Eplexor is extremely versatile: Thanks to its various accessories, such as sample holders and cooling systems, it can accommodate a variety of different testing requirements.

In addition to its user-friendly software, the DMA 303 Eplexor features significantly improved ergonomics, making it pleasant to operate on a daily basis. Its various add-on options make it an ideal device to use and a safe long-term investment.

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DMA 303 Eplexor in summary 

Broad Temperature and Force Range 

800 °C

Temperature range
-170°C to 800°C

50 N

Force range
1 mN to 50 N

30 mm

Static deformation
up to 30 mm

Improving Your Products Requires Expert Technical Knowledge along with Material Analysis  We Offer Both! 

Controlled Force Range up to 50 N (static and dynamic) 

Our material testing system is designed for precision measurements on very stiff samples with a controlled force range, both static and dynamic, of up to 50 N. The full resolution is available throughout the entire force range, resulting in precise and reliable data.

Temperatures of up to 800°C on the Sample

Featuring the broadest temperature range of -170°C to 800°C and homogeneous temperature distribution.

Time Saving ‒ Fast Heating and Cooling

With its thin-walled 3D-printed silicon carbide furnace lining, our system reduces waiting times with fast heating and cooling and allows for homogeneous temperature distribution due to two independent temperature control loops.

Perfect for the Execution of Creep and Relaxation Experiments

The independent stepper motor drive with its range of up to 30 mm is perfect for non-oscillatory experiments like tensile or compression tests, creep and relaxation.

Suspended Sample Holder Design

The suspended sample holder system, in combination with the ability to adjust the height of the instrument, support the best possible ergonomics at the workplace. In addition, this setup protects the sensitive measuring system from the intrusion of falling sample fragments.

Various Cooling Options to Suit Your Requirements

i.e., liquid nitrogen-controlled cooling down to -170°C, or AIC 80 intracooler for measurements below room temperature down to -70°C.

Technical Data

Frequency range
0.001 Hz bis 150 Hz
Position resolution
1 nm 
Maximum controlled amplitude
± 2.5 mm

Get the Job Done More Easily

The most user-friendly DMA you have ever experienced

Back-friendly - highly ergonomic design
The height of the sample holder area can be adjusted, allowing ergonomic work regardless of the user's height or preference for standing or sitting.

Easy on the eyes - Illuminated sample holder area
The integrated light source provides additional illumination and makes specimen and sample holder exchange even more comfortable

Instant access to important information‒ Color info display and LED status bar
The integrated LED status bar keeps you informed with regard to the course of the measurement as well as the force, frequency and temperature used.

Intuitive and tool-less. No more cumbersome exchanging of sample holders and specimens
The instrument allows for convenient switching between a variety of sample holders. It auto-detects sample holders and chooses the correct calibration. The exchange is tool-free and, thanks to fixed guides, sample holders are easy to install. 

Research without limits ‒ over 20 different sample holders from which to choose 
The latest selection of sample holders has been designed for optimal adjustability to measurement conditions and material properties to serve a variety of applications. Additional design modifications provide high frame rigidity with very low thermal conductivity for perfect results. 

A Single DMA that Meets All Your Needs

Flexibility and convenience – even when it comes to software and accessories


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