Thermal Conductivity

GHP 600

Thermal Conductivity Tester

For specimen dimensions up to 600 mm x 600 mm

according to ISO 8302, ASTM C177, EN 1946-2, EN 12664, EN 12667 and EN 12939

Measuring devices of the GHP 600 series are robust cabinet devices which are especially suited for testing thicker specimens. Thanks to the integrated single board computer (SBC) with Windows operating system, the Lambda software and the high-resolution color touch display, the devices are very user-friendly.
Numerous interfaces such as RS232, USB and Gigabit Ethernet enable connectivity to peripheral devices and allow for fast and convenient data transfer.
Connection to an external PC allows for the extensive evaluation of test results and the printing of test reports.

Features at a Glance

  • Large thermal conductivity measurement range up to 2.0 W/(m·K) – depending on material and thickness
  • Fully insulated guarded test chamber, designed for specimens with a thickness up to 200 mm
  • Available as 1- or 2-specimen measurement method according to ISO 8302 (chapter 1.6.2)
  • Easy specimen change from the front
  • Integrated digital measurement of specimen thickness and sample pressure
  • Motorized lifting of the upper plate
  • Operator guidance via touch display with intuitive guidance through software
  • Network capability
  • Control, data acquisition and data processing via external PC and Lambda software (optional)
  • Variable dimensions of heating plates; heating area from 100 mm x 100 mm up to 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Square-shaped or rectangular measuring areas
  • Cold plates and guarded chamber are controlled by chiller systems

Technical Data

Temperature range
Cooling plate: -15°C to 60°C
Heating plate: -5°C to 70°C
Power supply
110 V to 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)
186 cm x 85 cm x 85 cm

Measuring range:
0.005 to 2.0 W/(m·K), depending on material and thickness

Specimen size (L x W):
600 mm x 600 mm
variable, according to the dimension of the hot plate:
100 mm x 100 mm up to 300 mm x 300 mm

Specimen thickness (H):
1x 15 mm to 200 mm (1-specimen measurement method)
2x 15 mm to 100 mm (2-specimen measurement method)

1x RS 232,1x Gigabit Ethernet

214 kg


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