Hyphenated Techniques - Evolved Gas Analysis

QMS 403 Aëolos Quadro

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Coupling for High Gas Detection Sensitivity – All Controlled via a Single Software Application

The Fleshed-Out Design of the QMS 403 Aëolos Quadro for Coupling to TGA, STA, DSC and DIL Systems

The 403 Aëolos Quadro quadrupole mass spectrometer is a new compact mass spectrometer with a heated capillary inlet system for routine analysis of gases and, in particular, volatile decomposition products of thermal analysis. This system is optimized for coupling to differential scanning calorimeters (DSCs), thermogravimetric analyzers (TGAs) and dilatometers (DILs). The software is unique: fully integrated MS software for measurement and analysis.

Coupled to STA

Capillary Coupling for Optimized Gas Flow Conditions

  • Single-step pressure reduction
  • Minimization of cold spots in the entire transfer path of the gases due to an even temperature of 300°C (optionally 350°C)
  • Heated chamber for easy handling and precise adjustment of the quartz glass capillary inlet to the QMS
  • Flexible, allowing standard thermoanalytical measurements and also simultaneous TGA, MS (GC-MS) and MS-FT-IR measurements
  • Very robust and service-friendly while still maintaining high sensitivity (detectable mass loss in the μg-range)
  • TGA-MS measurements under humid atmospheres possible
  • Hyperbolic quadrupole system with pre-filter for improved transmission in the high mass range and improved sensitivity in the low mass range (e.g., H2, He)
  • SEM with discrete dynodes and integrated Faraday cup for high dynamic range and long lifetime
  • 3-D presentation of MS and thermal analysis data
  • Operation and data evaluation with Proteus software

Sophisticated Heated Transfer System and Single-Step Pressure Reduction for Loss-Free Gas Transport

The high temperature of the gas transfer system and the absence of pressure reduction orifices practically eliminate condensation of decomposition products during thermal analysis experiments. This achieves a high detection sensitivity and facilitates quantitative detection of all identified gas components.

The inlet system with the capillary allows for the investigation of other gas sources independent of the thermoanalytical system.


Design of the NETZSCH Thermal Analyzers

Already from the outset, NETZSCH thermal analysis devices were developed with the possibility of coupling in mind. Over the last 40 years, the gas transport path – which starts at the furnace outlet and progresses via the adapter and capillary up to the QMS inlet – has been considered and optimized at every new phase in development. Today, any gas loss caused by condensation at cold spots has nearly been eliminated; also, very low carrier gas flow rates are sufficient for complete transfer. The minimal dilution of the volatile sample products released results in high detection sensitivity with the TGA/STA/DIL-QMS 403 Aëolos Quadro.


Application Areas of the QMS 403 Aëolos Quadro Coupling


  • Dehydration
  • Stability
  • Residual Solvent 
  • Pyrolysis

Solid-Gas Reactions

  • Combustion
  • Oxidation
  • Corrosion
  • Adsorption
  • Desorption
  • Catalysis



Composition Analysis

  • Polymer Content
  • Proximate Analysis
  • Binder Burn-Out
  • Dewaxing
  • Ash Content


  • Vapor Pressure
  • Sublimation

Technical Data

Vacuum system
two options (temperature-controlled; using a constant voltage supply source)
Adjustable heating of adapter head
Capillary and QMS inlet system to a maximum of 300°C (optionally 350°C)
2 Y2O3-coated iridium cathodes

Mass range:
1 u to 300 u(*), optionally 512 u, including autotuning

Ion source:
Cross beam El

sem with discrete dynodes and integrated Faraday cup

Quartz-glass (max. 300°C), optionally stainless steel (max. 350°C), with supply coil, easily exchangable

Pressure reduction:
Single-step, from 10³ mbar to 5x10-6 mbar, no orifice

QMS measuring modes:
Scan analog, scan bargraph, MID


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