Rosand RH2000

Proven Excellence in Rheology

Advanced Bench top capillary rheometer for research to QC testing

Wide range of shear rates for correlation with real material processing conditions, in one compact system, meeting most test requirements encountered in capillary rheometry. Combining many advanced features associated with larger floor-standing models, the Rosand RH2000 system can be configured for research measurements through to Quality Control applications.

Technical Data

Temperature range
Ambient to 400°C (standard)
Ambient to 500°C (high temperature option)
5°C to 300°C (low temperature cooling coil option)
Maximum speed
600mm/min (standard)
1200mm/min (high speed option)
Maximum force
12kN (standard)
20kN (option)

Number of bores:
Single bore , twin bores

Frame stiffness:

Dynamic range in speed:
200,000:1 (400,000:1 with high speed option)

Speed uncertainty:

Temperature control range:

Bore diameter:
15mm (standard) 9.5mm; 12mm; 19mm; 24mm (bore options)

Barrel bore length:

Barrel material:
Nitrided steel (standard). Hastelloy; Stainless Steel (barrel options)

Pressure transducer ranges:
30,000psi; 15,000psi; 10,000psi; 5,000psi; 3,000psi; 1,500psi; 1000psi; 500psi; 250psi;

Tungsten carbide: precision ±5µm; Hastelloy (optional)

Die diameter:
0.5mm to 2mm (in 0.5mm increments) and 3mm as standard. (Other diameters, including fine bore dies, available on special order)

Atmospheric control:
Nitrogen purge for dry, inert test conditions (option)


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