Simultaneous Thermogravimetry

STA 2500 Regulus

A Highly Reliable and Fully Equipped Cost-Saving Instrument Package 

Excellent Cost Performance

The STA 2500 Regulus features a highly reliable, fully equipped instrument package for STA measurements up to 1600°C at an attractive price.

Top-Loading and Unique Differential Balance Arrangement

The natural gas flow in the top-loading system guarantees automatic protection of the balance against condensation and contamination. The tailor-made differential balance system cancels out buoyancy and convection influences over a broad temperature range. This provides easy operation without the need for timeconsuming baseline runs.

Various Atmospheres Available

Measurements can be performed in inert and oxidizing atmospheres but also under vacuum. The atmosphere can be dynamic or static. The built-in mass flow controllers (MFCs) are software-controlled and allow gas changes at any time during the test.


Ideal for Evolved Gas Analysis

The top-loading design of the STA allows for convenient coupling to gas analysis systems such as FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectrometer, MS (mass spectrometer), or GC-MS (gas chromatograph – mass spectrometer). During thermal treatment, the gases evolved can be simultaneously analyzed.

Technical Data

Maximum sample temperature
1600°C (depending on the furnace)
Furnace I: RT to 1100°C
(heating rate 0.001 to 100 K/min)
Furnace II: RT to 1600°C
(heating rate 0.001 to 50 K/min)
Temperature precision

Weighing range:
± 250 mg

Sample load:
1 g max.

Thermogravimetric resolution:
0.03 μg

Type S

up to 10-4 mbar (10-2 Pa)

Gas atmospheres:
inert, oxidizing, vacuum


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